Völker S 964.

A new standard for hospital beds.

Low bed height of approx. 29 cm.
Significantly reduces the severity of injuries in the event of a fall.

Bed height can be adjusted up to 89 cm.
Allows caregivers to adopt an ergonomic working position.

Split siderail with adjustable height.
Moves with the adjustable lying surface.

The innovative Völker Micro-stimulation System MiS®.
For increased patient comfort and improved sleep.

Völker S 964.
Innovation in true Völker tradition.

Made in Germany for over 100 years. Dedicated to dignified care. In keeping with this principle, Völker develops and produces hospital beds that allow patients to feel comfortable and recover as fully as possible. With their extensive functionality, our beds are versatile enough for any healthcare environment, and their appearance provides every patient room with a particularly comfortable atmosphere to promote recovery. Our beds combine form and function to meet the needs of both patients and caregivers.

Our manufacturing process in Germany ensures the highest quality and processing standards for all our beds.

With intensive guidance (even after purchasing), fast logistic and technical service and advanced training opportunities, we offer our customers a large number of useful additional services.

This makes it possible to enhance the care process, reduce follow-up costs and increase caregiver satisfaction – not to mention giving staff more time to provide dignified care.

The Völker S 964 is a clear expression of our philosophy. As a hospital bed, it offers the four functions described below, as well as setting a new standard for hospital beds that is appreciated by patients and carers alike.

Attractive appearance and impressive functionality.
In any room. Völker S 964.
The Völker S 964 follows Völker's unique Healthcare Design. It provides each patient room with an especially home-like atmosphere. This is an important factor in promoting wellbeing and encouraging a fast recovery.
The Völker S 964 is has been designed to ideally suit all typical clinical applications. It also ensures that your hospital retains an attractive appearance throughout. Your work will also benefit greatly from the advantages of the new Völker S 964.
Every person has a right to be treated with respect and dignity.
Especially people in need of care.
We think, develop and manufacture with this is mind.
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