Völker developments.

Since 1967, Heinrich Völker III has increasingly oriented production towards the needs of healthcare facilities.

In 1981, he launches the first healthcare bed; since 1986, all healthcare beds feature integrated assist rails. In 1991, the electrically operated healthcare bed 2080 E is launched. It is the first model of a new generation of healthcare beds of a modular design as well as the ambiance of real furniture. This is the start of Völker’s rise to become an innovative market leader in Germany.

In 1995, the Völker hospital bed is launched; in 1999, the beds are equipped with two-part assist rails.

In 2001, Völker is incorporated. In 2003, the Micro-stimulation-System is introduced; in 2006, the low-height bed is launched and in 2007, the Völker Supply Bar is presented to the public for the first time.

Finally, in 2008, the Völker Vis-a-Vis is introduced. At the same time, in cooperation with Porsche Engineering, Völker develops its own motors and drives, specially aligned with Völker beds and their many functions. Production of these motors and drives starts in 2009.