Integrate Völker hospital beds into your simplinic IoT software solution - ex works. Would you like to use time and resources for things that are really important and require your personal attention? Völker gives you the opportunity to do just that thanks to fully automated features for controlling, planning and documenting your beds.

  • Locate beds anywhere on your premises
  • Know wich beds are clean
  • Plan maintenance intervals
  • Report defective beds
  • Manage everything in a single database

Prepared beds available up to 40% faster

Bed management is an inter-departmental task and often involves a considerable amount of coordination between nursing and cleaning staff. Live data management significantly simplifies this process and is available around the clock regardless of staffing levels. The algorithmic management of cleaning staff ensures that beds are available up to 40% faster on the ward.

Clarity for everyone

The combination of room-accurate, real-time location, bed data, live status, department allocation, and the integration of room plans means that everyone involved has a clear picture of everything at all times. Messages can be sent silently via app to specific smartphones, providing updates as required.

Ready for use on your ward

On request, Völker hospital beds can be delivered fully set up so that they log directly into your on-site simplinic infrastructure and all features will be available to you immediately.  There is no extra work for you; we enter all the relevant data into the software in advance and equip your beds with a protected Bluetooth transmitter ex works. Furthermore, all beds equipped with smart technology are marked with an external label.

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