A full overview. Any time, any place.

  • Locate all your beds at all times, wherever they are in the building.
  • Know which beds have been cleaned and which ones are next in line.
  • See all maintenance and inspection intervals for your beds at a glance.
  • Enter faulty beds straight into the system.
  • Access all information in just one data pool.

There’s more to bed management than administrative tasks. Völker provides fully automated solutions for supervising, planning and keeping records of your hospital beds. Use your time and resources for tasks that need your personal attention, while you let our reliable bed management system look after your beds.

You benefit from real-time data relating to the cleaning status of the bed, faults and scheduled maintenance and inspection, as well as the length of bed usage and turnover rate.

The great challenges that hospitals face

The paper-based process of coordinating all departments and wards is still common in hospitals today. Compared to a digital approach, this method is significantly more complicated, time-consuming and costly. It is common knowledge that ‘paper-pushing’ paves the way for inefficient practices, a higher chance of mistakes and a heavier workload for hospital staff, especially due to the excessive amount of paperwork involved in keeping records. However, there’s also another key aspect. Nursing staff waste time searching for available medical devices on the wards, and the lack of records relating to the preparation of these devices could put hospitals in difficult legal positions.


Stepping towards the future means stepping up digitalisation. Digital bed management helps optimise the daily workload in hospitals and healthcare facilities, making it more transparent, easier and less stressful for employees.

Our partners

Smart tools free up more time for your core activity.

To enable reliable, efficient collaboration between nursing staff, medical technologists, cleaning staff and managers, Völker relies on the use of the IoT application HPM® from Clinaris. This enables hospitals to locate their medical devices using modern tracking technology and manage, supervise and keep records of the cleaning processes of this equipment.

The smart digitalisation solution HPM® records the process of preparing medical devices and hospital rooms for use in real time and displays the exact location of expensive medical devices, along with their cleaning status and technical condition.


Benefits at a glance

  • Optimised collaboration between hospital employees, including increased safety due to availability of real-time critical process data.
  • Less pressure on doctors and nurses due to less time spent walking around, looking for urgently needed medical devices.
  • Increased transparency on inventory, technical condition and use of medical devices.
  • Potential tracking and breaking of infection chains.
  • Digital records of device/room preparation processes improve the legal position of the hospital in the event of a claim.

An intelligent, digitalised solution.

As an optional feature, customers can order beds fitted with sensors that are pre-configured for the simplinic bed management system. Combined with the IoT cloud, this solution from simplinic provides all key stakeholders in the hospital with intuitive tools to optimise processes and resources. This partnership between Völker and simplinic enables hospitals to benefit from a modern bed management system as soon as they take delivery of their beds.

Benefits at a glance

  • Processes coordinated automatically by algorithms.
  • Location of key medical devices such as bariatric beds, wheelchairs and infusion pumps, including their real-time location and status.
  • Automatic tracking and recording provides a sound basis for process analysis and purchasing decisions.



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