Healthcare bed 3080

Comfort and Safety

An extra homelike feeling and improved safety

4-pillar telescopic lifting mechanism and wide adjustment range makes care duties safer to perform.

The neat, minimalistic design of the 4-pillar telescopic lifting mechanism gives the 3080 a particularly homelike style. And with an overall width of less than one metre, the 3080 is also a practical solution for small rooms.

All benefits at a glance

  • 4-pillar telescopic lifting mechanism ensures stability whilte retractable electric castors facilitate menoeuvrability
  • Fully height-adjustable between 40 and 80 cm
  • Maximum working load: 230 kg
  • Narrow bed width: 98 cm (lying surface 90 cm)
  • Optional 28.5 cm bed extension available

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Our solutions - your benefits

Dynamic support

The healthcare bed 3080 provides sturdy support with its unique combination of features: a central opening in the side rails to facilitate mobilisation, the independently adjustable side rail elements and intuitively operated height adjustable side rail elements and intuitively operated height adjustment function. Our self-mobilisation solutions can be tailored to the resident's individual needs, deoending on their physical resources. Residents feel safer when they mobilise themselves, which gives them greater freedom to structure their own day and increases their quality of life.

Reliable support enables maximum freedom

The safety of residents can be compromised in a variety of situations, with each individual having their own needs in terms of protection. This is why the Völker side rail system has been designed with versatility in mind. Both sides of the bed are protected by a patented system of side rails, each segment of which can be operated separately. These elements move with the bed when the head and foot sections are raised or lowered.

Support in any position

Whether you're sitting up or lying down, ergonomic support is important. Thanks to the dynamic upper body section, the seat area widens as the lying surface is brought into a sitting position. This has the advantage of reducing pressure in the hip area, enabling residents to sit up comfortably.

Learn more about our lying surface system

Ergonomic care and improved proximity

Völker healthcare beds take some of the strain out of the difficult tasks that carers face on a daily basis. One key benefit is the fully adjustable height of the bed, which allows carers to work ergonomically. The uncluttered design of the base frame also means that carers have improved proximity to the resident.

Extra comfort - both day and night

Giving everyone a helping hand

Not only can accessories take some of the burden off carers' shoulders, but they can also improve quality of life for residents. The Maya lamp, for example, serves as a pleasant reading light, yet also provides valuable guidance in the dark. Tablet and smartphone holders allow residents to make phone calls, surf the net and stay in contact with friends and family - all from the comfort of their own bed.

Homelike design combined with smart functionality

Völker furniture solutions: fully customisable to your needs.

How can you transform a care room into a home? Succesfully designing a space where residents can at home requires consideation of the room as a whole, rather than the individual elements.
Völker is a one-stop shop for fully integrated furniture solutions. Our range comprises a coordinated selection of healthcare beds, bedside cabinets, contract furniture and accessories so that individual elements can be combined to create a harmonious atmosphere. 

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