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Völker helps you overcome the everyday challenges associated with homecare. The tried-and-trusted long-term healthcare beds from Völker are also available in a special homecare edition.  They combine technological features from the specialist medical sector with a sophisticated design, which makes your care room at home even more comfortable and cosy.

The wide range of available designs and accessories allows
Völker healthcare beds to be coordinated with your unique style and specific needs. Operator-friendly features ensure a high level of comfort, as well as facilitating the work of caregivers. Our team of experts are familiar with the challenges faced in homecare and will be pleased to advise you according to your specific needs.

All details of the Völker 3080 healthcare bed

Discover the Völker healthcarebed 3080

The Völker healthcare bed 3080 combines comfort, an attractive design, specialist quality and durability  – making it a popular choice in many healthcare facilities. The cosiness of the bed increases your overall sense of well-being, while the many different features and ways in which the bed can be adjusted not only facilitate the work of your caregivers but also increase safety.

  • Premium quality: First-class materials, a minimalistic design and easy-clean surfaces
  • Customised to suit your home with a wide selection of designs and finishes
  • Völker’s patented side rails provide complete protection against rolling out of bed – even when the upper section of the bed has been raised
  • All of Völker’s side rails are designed with a central gap and do not, therefore, represent a deprivation of liberty (DoL)
  • A three-section lying structure can be electronically adjusted to your favourite positions
  • The particularly long upper section provides additional support for the head
  • Simple adjustment using an intuitively operated and ergonomically designed hand-held control
  • The powerful 4-pillar telescopic lifting mechanism guarantees stability of the bed
  • Featuring the innovative MiS® micro-stimulation system1, the lying surface increases comfort and improves the quality of sleep
Ehepaar freut sich über ihr neues Pflegebett 3080

Loving care

in your own home

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Safety and versatility:
The Völker side rail system

Prevent falls from the bed with the Völker patented side rail system – combining safety, comfort and flexibility. Easy to operate, the robust side rail elements can be raised quickly when needed – independently from one another. And they can just as quickly be slid out of sight beneath the lying surface when no longer needed. In one simple movement.

Protection as required
The moving side rail system ensures maximum safety even when the upper and bottom sections of the bed are raised. This means that you are permanently protected against inadvertently rolling out of bed.

If the side rails aren’t needed, they are stored out of sight beneath the lying surface.

The Völker
moving side rails (patented)

  • Even when the upper section of the bed is raised, the occupant is still perfectly secure
  • No risk of getting fingers or other parts trapped

Fixed standard
side rails

  • When the upper section of the bed is raised, the upper part of your body is higher than the side rail, considerably reducing the level of protection

Support during mobilisation
Besides providing a feeling of safety however the bed is inclined, the Völker side rail system is a sturdy solution that offers support during mobilisation, sitting up and standing up.

Integrated central gap to facilitate getting out of bed
With a central gap on both sides, the side rails, together with the height-adjustable bed, provide valuable support for getting in and out of bed – even in a wheelchair – and also lessen any strain on the back during mobilisation.

Simple operation and 
a wide adjustment range

Comfort in any position: the height of the bed and lying surface can be fully adjusted electronically, using the intuitive and ergonomically designed hand-held control. This allows the bed to be adjusted to the perfect position for lying, sleeping, getting out of bed easily, eating, sitting comfortably or receiving care.

  • Intuitive operation
  • Ergonomic design
  • Wide adjustment range

The height of the bed and lying surface can be fully adjusted electronically, using the intuitive and ergonomically designed hand-held control

Maximum freedom of movement –
thanks to the premium 
lying surface from Völker

The three independently adjustable sections of the lying surface means that Völker healthcare beds let you enjoy a high degree of freedom in terms of movement. The fully adjustable system allows a multitude of different positions. The particularly long upper body section provides optimal support for the back and head, while changing the angle between the upper and lower body sections enables relief in the hip area or allows the legs to be raised.

If you wish to change position in bed, the settings can be altered quickly and easily by simply pressing a few buttons on the intuitively operated hand-held device.
 The bed adjusts gently and quietly.

A high-quality solution for optimum lying comfort

A person requiring care spends a lot of time in bed, each and every day. This means that relaxing periods of rest and a comfortable position when lying, as well as a feeling of safety when changing position in bed, are vital. The perfect response to these needs comes in the form of Völker’s micro-stimulation system – the MiS® lying surface – a solution trusted by both hospitals and healthcare facilities.

The special construction of the lying surface enables it to pick up even the slightest body movements in bed, transform these into tactile stimuli and transmit them through the mattress and back to the occupant. This constant feedback can lead to better body awareness and encourage autonomous movement, which, in turn, increases your comfort and improves your quality of sleep.

For the very best in comfort, we recommend combining the MiS® lying surface with the Finesse mattress, available on option.

The Finesse mattress: the perfect complement
to your Völker healthcare bed 3080

Having the right mattress is key to being able to lie comfortably. The Finesse mattress (available on option) has been optimally aligned with the MiS® lying surface1 and the features of the healthcare bed 3080. Thanks to its pressure-relieving properties, the Finesse mattress is wonderfully comfortable, as well as providing effective prevention against bedsores. The removable, washable quilted climate-control cover is both hygienic and comfortable.

  • Optimum comfort and pressure release
  • High-quality wave-cut foam
  • Air ducts ensure effective climate-control
  • Symmetrical design allows flipping AND rotating – comfort guaranteed!
  • Quilted, stretch, climate-control jersey material, washable up to 60°C

A sturdy bed
with easy manoeuvrability

The Völker healthcare bed 3080 has integrated castors, enabling the bed to be moved easily when required. The castors are brought into their rolling position electronically using the central hand-held control.  When they are no longer needed, they can simply be fully retracted inside the robust pillar feet.

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Individual design - Choose from different decors and elements

Wild Pear Maple

Baltico Pine

Steamed Beech

After Eight Maple

Altmuehl Beech

Ornately Planked Cherry

Milano Oak

Elm Truffle Baron

All solid wood parts used in the healthcare bed and bedside cabinet are made of beech.
Wood is a nature product, which may show colour difference and growth-related irregularities.

90 cm width

100 cm width

Design MA



Design MAH



Further data concerning your Völker healthcare bed

  • Dimensions of bed: Width 98/109 cm (*depending on whether lying surface is 90 or 100 cm wide), length 210 cm
  • Width of lying surface: 90 cm or 100 cm
  • Lowest access height: 42 cm (plus mattress height)
  • Maximum lift: 80 cm (plus mattress height)
  • Weight excluding mattress: 96 kg
  • Maximum approved body weight: 195 kg
  • Mattress (can be ordered separately) Overall height approx. 14 cm
  • Base frame: anodised

An extensive range of coordinated accessories

Discover our extensive range of homecare accessories! Everything from bedside tables to smartphone holders.

Bedside cabinet Classic
(P 920)

Bedside cabinet with bedside table
(P 941)

Bedside cabinet Exclusive
(P 941 4.0)

bedside table (RT-985)

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Quality: Made in Germany

Your new Völker healthcare bed is a bed that you can rely on. For more than 100 years, Völker has been serving healthcare and hospital facilities, manufacturing beds that combine an attractive design, innovative features, highest quality standards and durability. Our manufacturing team in Witten are known for their experience and specialist knowledge, as well as outstanding craftsmanship and technical excellency.

All of our beds are assembled carefully by hand and undergo a range of tests and inspections before they are dispatched to our customers. Our employees know exactly which aspects are key and are familiar with the challenges faced by domestic caregivers, enabling them to provide you with the best possible support.

Your safety is

our top priority

Völker. Service that you can rely on. We deliver your new Völker healthcare bed, assemble it, adjust it to your specific needs and provide a comprehensive briefing on all the bed’s features. We’ll still be at your disposal after you’ve purchased your bed. We can also arrange to provide maintenance, technical inspections and any necessary repairs.

If you do happen to notice a problem or technical issue, we will be happy to help. Simply get in touch with our homecare experts at homecare(at)

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