The Völker S 982.

Practical design, innovative technology, made in Germany. The Völker S 982 is the new generation of hospital bed. Völker has set a new benchmark – combining a low-height bed with Völker’s reliable and robust 4-pillar telescopic lifting mechanism. The
S 982 offers outstanding manoeuvrability, sets new standards in terms of hygiene and its optimised design enables simple cleaning. It also ensures maximum comfort for patients and exceptional convenience for care staff, as well as future-oriented digital features. Complete with bed management interfaces, optional sensor technology systems for care staff and the bluetooth interface, the S 982 is undeniably fit for the future.

5 key benefits

  • Great menoeuvrability in any situation.
  • Robust 4-pillar lifting mechanism combined with a low-height bed.
  • Moving side rails that slide inside the lying surface when no longer needed.
  • Dynamic pressure-relieving upper section ensures comfortable sitting.
  • High-quality surfaces and smartly designed base frame enable simple, thorough cleaning.

Your solutions at a glance

The new low-height bed with a 4-pillar telescopic lifting mechanism

When it comes to height, the S 982 has reached another level. The bed can be fully adjusted over a 50 cm height range, allowing it to be perfectly adapted to the needs of both patients and care staff. This wide adjustment range is achieved with Völker’s new 4-pillar telescopic lifting mechanism. The smart design of the base frame, combined with the robust lifting mechanism enables care staff to work ergonomically at all times, adjusting the height of the bed accordingly. Furthermore, the
lowest position of the bed is a mere 28.5 cm* – an added safety benefit for patients at risk of falling out.

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* Depending on the type of casters.

Simple manoeuvrability for increased safety

Moving beds around is an essential part of working in healthcare and hospital facilities. The new Völker S 982 can be moved and controlled even in narrow environments. It has outstanding directional stability and reliably
accurate tracking. The quiet, easy rolling characteristics not only facilitate the work of caregivers, but also give patients a sense of security.

The simple manoeuvrability is ensured mainly by the completely new design of the underframe. The particularly torsion-resistant undercarriage design provides a high degree of stability and, in combination with the precise mountings and bearings of the castors, simplifies the handling of the S 982. Due to these newly developed features, the S 982 can be manoeuvred with less effort and facilitates safe patient transport.

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The patented Völker side rail system

The safety of patients is the top priority in every hospital. Völker’s patented side rail system on the S 982 provides protection for your patients at all times. The rails have a central gap on both sides and can be raised to two different heights, independently from one another. The side elements move with the bed when the head and foot sections are raised or lowered. This ensure that patients are still prevented from accidentally rolling out of bed when the upper body section is raised. Furthermore, the stability of the side rails helps support the patient during mobilisation. If the side rails aren’t needed, they can be slid completely inside the lying surface, so that all features of the base frame remain readily accessible.

As the central gap remains open at all times, Völker’s side rail system provides protection without restrictions.

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Ingenious design supports patient mobilisation

The optimised design of the S 982 facilitates the work of care staff and supports patient mobilisation. The fully adjustable height of the bed and the side rails that disappear completely inside the lying surface makes care tasks, such as repositioning the patient, easier. Caregivers can adjust the bed to the most convenient height and carry out their work in the most ergonomic way, without being hindered by side rails hanging beneath the lying surface.

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A hygienic design that ticks all the boxes

Hygiene begins with the design. All the components and surfaces of the S 982 have been designed to make cleaning extremely easy. Liquids can run off, minimum risk of water collecting. The busy jobs of caregivers means that beds must be cleaned quickly and easily. This is where the S 982 comes into its own!

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Where comfort and convenience meet

Accessories, bedside cabinets, servers and much more.

  • High-quality materials ensure a long service life.
  • All accessories are designed to be easily inserted into or hung from integrated mounting brackets.
  • Increased comfort for your patients.
  • Coordinated designs.

All Völker beds are compatible with a wide range of accessories – and the S 982 is no exception! The range includes lamps, e.g. the Maya lamp, which also comply with the necessary hygiene standards. There are also tablet and mobile phone holders, which makes it easier for patients to stay in contact with friends and family. Bedside cabinets are also available, coordinated with the S 982 in terms of design and finish. Völker bedside cabinets also come with a number of different features, such as a height adjustable bedside table, illumination and USB sockets. The possibilities of Völker’s bedside cabinets go beyond a simple cupboard and a place to put things down on.

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