Hospital bed


  • Open front-facing seating position for mobility and face-to-face care
  • Divided height-adjustable side rails which move with the bed when adjusting the lying surface.
  • With the innovative Völker Micro-stimulation System MiS®. For increased patient comfort and improved sleep.
Safe workingload
Wide Adjustment Range
dynamic extension
low position for feet

Mobilisation made easy: Völker Vis-a-Vis hospital bed

Often, patients cannot leave their hospital bed due to health issues or the results of surgery but can still be mobilised. The Völker Vis-a-vis bed is designed for situations like this. It allows patients who cannot leave their bed through lateral transfer to sit in an open front-facing position and have their feet contact the ground safely. In this way, the bed supports the mobilisation or activation of the patient. The Vis-a-Vis bed also exemplifies Völker's approach to dignified care: the patient and caregiver meet each other at eye level when giving and receiving care. The unique Völker design and the high-quality haptics of the hospital bed also support patients' well-being and their recovery process as a result.


Dignified care with the Völker hospital bed

Every person has the right to be treated with respect and dignity. Especially people in need of care. We think, develop and manufacture with this in mind.

Product variants

Crystal White


Wild Pear Maple

Baltico Pine



Steamed Beech

After Eight Maple

Crystal Blue

Light Grey

Altmuehl Beech

Ornately Planked Cherry

Sky Blue

Platin Grey

Milano Oak

Truffle Baron Elm

90 cm width

210 cm length

Design S