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Völker's Worlds of Well-Being: inspiration for resident-centric interiors

Homelike design combined with smart functionality

How can you create a harmonious atmosphere in a care room? Successfully designing a space where residents feel at home requires consideration of the room as a whole, rather than the individual elements.
With Völker, the resident's emotional worlds are in the foreground. Whether grounded by natural tones, relaxed with pale shades or protected in a 'cocoon', our Worlds of Well-Being are a springboard for inspiration.

Let yourself be inspired

World of Well-Being Grounded

Whether we're stolling through a forest or gazing across green fields, nature has a calming effect on us. Völker's 'Grounded' World of Well-Being brings you the wonderful effects of nature with fresh shades of green and warm earth tones.

World of Well-Being Relaxed

Relaxation is the key focus here. An impression of freshness ans spaciousness is created with the use of pale decors such as Wild Pear combined with contrasting features in darker colours.

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World of Well-Being Cocooned

In this World of Well-Being, residents enjoy a cosy feeling similar to that of a cocoon. The combination of dark furniture, softly coloured upholstery and striking touches of colour conveys a warm and cosy atmosphere and creates a sense of security.

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