About Völker


Völker GmbH develops products for a dignified care

"MADE IN GERMANY FOR OVER 100 YEARS. DEDICATED TO DIGNIFIED CARE." Völker GmbH, based in the German city of Witten, develops and manufactures multi-functional yet comfortable healthcare and hospital beds with this ethos in mind. Founded in 1912, the long-established company focuses on high-quality products that are made in Germany: Völker produces a wide range of products for healthcare facilities and hospitals around the world in the manufacturing facilities at its headquarters in Witten.


Heinrich Völker I. founded a furniture factory that specialized in furnishing social services.


The son Heinrich Völker II. Directed the production already on the complete furnishing of hospitals, nursing homes and nursing homes.

How to strengthen the dignified care

"Especially people who need care - whether in a nursing home or a clinic - have a right to respect and esteem for their dignity," says Managing Director Jörg Waldeyer. "According to this principle, we develop and manufacture our products." In addition to high-quality beds for professional care in nursing homes and clinics, these include visually and functionally fitting bedside furniture as well as mattresses and accessories. The different models are manufactured at the headquarters in Witten, and the company's own development department ensures continuous improvement and further development of the products. The result is nursing and hospital beds that are exported from Witten to the whole world and convince with high technical functionality, great comfort and appealing homelike design.

1967 - 2012

Heinrich Völker III takes over the company.

1967 - 2012

The grandfather's furniture workshop becomes one of the greats in the field of technical care furniture in Germany in its third generation.

Innovative models

We fulfill the wishes of the patient and the needs of the nursing staff alike. The products of the long-established company have shaped the industry and, due to their innovative and always optimized implementation, meet today's demands on usability, quality and aesthetics. An example of this is the Völker Vis-a-Vis: it makes nursing easier and makes it possible for those in need of care to communicate at eye level with relatives, visitors and nursing staff in a unique way.


Völker was acquired by US-listed Hill-Rom Holdings, Inc., Batesville, Indiana.



CoBe Capital buys the Völker brand
Family-owned enterprise
Cohen & Berk
  • CoBe is a traditional and owner-managed family business
  • CoBe invests only its own funds - CoBe does not manage funds from investors
  • CoBe has no "hold periods" and does not acquire companies with the intention of reselling them
Strong European
  • CoBe has experienced staff in the US and in Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain) with headquarters in Cologne
  • The employees have their own decades of leadership experience
  • CoBe employees support Völker management with strategic and operational issues
  • CoBe will support Völker in the following topics
  • Revitalization of sales and marketing
  • Reconstruction of the finance department
  • To reach customer and market oriented cost position
  • Carve-Out