Völker Quality Promise

Völker quality policy

If the term quality represents how much a product fulfills current requirements, we at Völker claim for our Völker beds the attribute: Outstanding Beds.

Already in the early phase of each development cycle, our experts from development, production, quality and suppliers as well as external experts gather at a round table for early knowledge exchange.
Our „Made in Germany“ assures low failure rates in comparison to foreign productions on the one side but also ensures the effectivity of our total quality management: One essential indication hereby is the operational capability of Völker beds for years to come.

In times of tightening regulatory and legal requirements, Völker represents like no one else full and transparent compliance regarding all applicable laws and norms.
  • Sicherheit von Patienten, Anwendern und Mitarbeitern steht an erster Stelle.
  • Verstehen und übertreffen von Kundenerwartungen.
  • Qualität beginnt auf der Führungsebene, betrifft aber alle Mitarbeiter.
  • Qualität muss von Beginn an in Produkte und Prozesse integriert werden.
  • Qualität bedarf Transparenz und kontinuierlicher Verbesserung.


ISO 13485:2016
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015