Völker Values

Our values

The mission of our company is to improve the standard of health and care services. With our products and services, we define the highest quality standard in the manufacture of hospital and nursing beds.

Nursing does not tolerate a standstill. For this reason, Völker GmbH sets standards in the fields of clinic and nursing with pioneering concepts and future-oriented products. According to their principle "Over 100 years made in Germany. For a dignified care ", the independent traditional company develops and manufactures multifunctional and comfortable nursing and hospital beds.
We know the everyday problems of our customers and our solutions help to overcome them. From the first moment of cooperation, the customer has no reason to doubt our expertise, reliability and professionalism; regardless of the size of the order.

Our success is based on this long-standing tradition as well as on trust, fairness, respect and appreciation, which are cultivated in our daily lives together. Across all divisions, this is reflected in a pragmatic but at the same time innovative way of working and a partnership between management and employees at all levels.
We listen to our customers and offer them only what they really need. We have clear selling points, but we are happiest when our products speak for us. We rely on the quality of our products, so we give our customers as much time as they need to get to them. We measure our success not by the money, but by the enthusiasm of our customers for our solutions. We do not convince customers but advise them to meet their needs in a perfect combination of technology and design.
To ensure that we fulfill this mission in all our activities, our actions are subject to the following five strengths:
customer focus

We stand for customer orientation and develop our products with and for our customers.

Humans are at the center of our cooperation. What sets us apart from others are We.


We rely on continuous innovation and dare to innovate.

As a driver of innovation in the clinic and nursing sector, we produce high-quality care and hospital beds that are tailored to individual customer needs and are manufactured in Germany.

cost consciousness

We are aware of quality, efficiency and sustainability.

For you and for us.