Home-like comfort even with increased
care requirements

The Völker Hospital Beds meets a broad range of requirements for use in hospitals. It allows patients to advance through the various steps of mobilisation, with support from caregivers — from sitting in the Comfort Chair position through to standing and getting out of the bed safely. By successfully combining form and function,
Völker hospital beds can provide increased patient comfort while enabling caregivers to work safely and efficiently. The unique Healthcare Design from Völker ensures that all beds fulfill their medical purpose while creating a home-like atmosphere that encourages patient wellbeing and recovery.

Patented. The Völker siderail system

The patented Völker siderail system is characterised by its exceptional versatility. It consists of separate elements that are split on both sides and can be adjusted to either one or two levels. This ensures that patients feel adequately protected from accidentally rolling out of the bed. As the siderails are highly versatile and robust, they can also assist mobilisation.


The Völker MiS® Micro-stimulation System

It detects even minor movements made by the patient. The lying surface then feeds these back through the mattress and to the patient's body as tactile stimuli. This continuous feedback increases the patient's body perception, and romotes movement and blood circulation in the skin.

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