Low bed height of approx. 40 cm. Significantly reduces the severity of injuriesin the event of a fall.

Split siderail with adjustable height. Moves with the adjustable lying surface.

The innovative Völker Micro-stimulation System MiS®. For increased patient comfort and improved sleep.

Mobilisation made easy

Not every patient who is unable or unwilling to leave his bed is completely immobile. Physical complaints or medical interventions often prevent a patient from leaving the bed from the side. But even if this is the case, mobilization is possible if the bed can be adjusted to allow the patient to sit facing forward so that his feet can make safe contact with the ground straight away. Depending on their capabilities, this can help the patient regain their mobility ty and take part

in everyday activities. From lying to sitting, through to standing and walking. By successfully combining form and function, Völker hospital beds can provide increased patient comfort while enabling caregivers to work safely and efficiently. The unique Healthcare Design from Völker ensures that all beds fulfil their medical purpose while creating a home-like atmosphere that encourages patient wellbeing and recovery.


A dignified care

Every person has a right to be treated with respect and dignity.Especially people in need of care. We think, develop and manufacture with this in mind.