Völker hospital bed accessories

  • Völker offers a wide range of practical accessories perfectly tailored to Völker beds.
  • All accessories are designed so that they can be easily inserted in or hung on integrated holders 

Some examples from our extensive range of accessories

Trapeze bar with handle PZK-936_1

Infusion stand PZK-939 S.

Writing surface PZK-962_2

Assist rail spacer PZK-969_2

Name plate ZK-950_R

General purpose hook PZK-1043

Crutch holder PZK-965

Redon drain basket PZK-1041

Urine bottle basket PZK-1040

Völker bed accessories availability

Not sure which accessory fits your bed? Then simply contact our service team. Together we will find what you are looking for. Ideally you can give us the serial number of your bed, as the availability of some parts depends on the year of manufacture and the configuration of the bed.

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