Is the bed occupied or has the resident left the bed? The Völker Sensify bed sensor monitors and informs you of the situation.

  • Signals every call system – even radio-based systems.
  • Nursing staff can deactivate the alarm immediately if required.
  • Switches lights on and off automatically. Works with any light of your choosing.



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Advantages for you

The sensors detect any weight shifts in the bed.

  • Signals are sent to the in-house call system when the occupant leaves the bed.
  • Optionally, the system can switch on and off any light sources in the room.
  • The sensor reports when the resident returns to bed.
  • A signal can be sent immediately or after a programmable interval of 15 minutes, depending on your specific requirements.

How it works

The system is made up of just a few, intuitive elements.

  • The sensor pad, three or five of which can be integrated in your Völker bed, uses a piezoelectric element. Bodyweight pressure, or absence of this pressure, generate an electric pulse that sends a signal to the Sensify radio receiver.
  • The entire system is wireless, battery-free and maintenance-free.
  • The radio receiver evaluates the information and signals the in-house call system.
  • Nursing staff can use the deactivation switch to shut off the alarm function temporarily.

You decide

The Sensify assistance system is flexible in use, as it is not permanently installed. That gives you the freedom to choose where and when you want to use Völker Sensify. If your occupancy or requirements change, you can move, add or repurpose components at any time. Maximum flexibility and economy for you.

Can be retrofitted to any Völker care or hospital bed from 2003 on without tools.

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