Residents who are prone to abscond or wander off can be a challenge to accommodate. Striking the right balance between maximum independence and optimum security at all times is essential. The Völker Sensify system can help.

  • Wireless and maintenance-free solution for every door.
  • Signals every call system – even radio-based systems.
  • Nursing staff can deactivate the alarm immediately if required.

Please click on the video button to activate the video. We would like to inform you that after the activation data will be transmitted to the respective provider.

Advantages for you

  • You immediately know whether and where a door has been opened.
  • Adhesive attachment requires no installation work. No cables.
  • Maintenance-free, solar-powered sensor. In particularly dark environments, an optional long-life button battery can be used.
  • Up to 8 sensors can be combined per receiver.

How it works

The system is made up of just a few, intuitive elements.

  • The sensor is attached to the door frame with an adhesive pad. A small sensor plate is attached to the opposite side door leaf. When the door is opened, the sensor sends a signal to the Sensify radio receiver.
  • The radio receiver signals the in-house call system.
  • Nursing staff can use the deactivation switch to shut off the alarm function temporarily.
  • If the care staff forgets to reactivate the sensor, it is activated automatically again after 15 minutes.

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