Lying surface systems

for hospital and healthcare beds

Three components, one system:

  • 4-section frame.
  • Three different lying surfaces to choose from: Winglet and HPL.
  • A portfolio of mattresses coordinated with Völker beds.

Völker’s lying surface systems comprise three elements: a 4-section frame, one of three different lying surfaces and a range of high-quality mattresses. All elements have been coordinated with one another perfectly. Used together, they enable patients to lie comfortably, promote their well-being and comply with the strict hygiene standards required within hospitals and healthcare facilities. Like all Völker products, all of our lying surface systems are manufactured to the highest quality specifications.

The cleverly designed structure of the Winglet and HP lying surfaces is based on the same frame, making it compatible with all Völker beds and easily exchangeable. Our products are characterised by outstanding versatility and durability.

Support and comfort in any position

Individually adjustable, with a particularly long upper body section.

Our Winglet and HPL lying surfaces are each composed of four separate sections, which are all fully and independently adjustable. This provides patients and residents with a high level of comfort and the ability to alter the position of the bed to suit their individual needs. Changing the angle between the seat section and upper body section helps relieve pressure in the pelvic region and enables the patient’s legs to be raised easily. A further benefit to support the patients’ well-being is the particularly long upper body section. This feature ensures permanent ergonomic support for the patient’s or resident’s back, neck and head – both when sitting up and lying down. To ensure that you get the maximum benefit from all the lying surface features, we recommend combining our lying surface systems with specially adapted Völker mattresses.

Sitting with reduced pressure, thanks to the 4-section frame.

When the bed is brought into a sitting position, the dynamic upper body section also moves backwards, increasing the angle between the seat section and upper body section. The large seat area relieves the pressure on the pelvic area and allows the patient to sit more comfortably.

Conventional lying surface with static adjustment, restricting the space in the pelvic area.

Völker lying surface with dynamic adjustment, with upper body section opening up to the back and top to create more room in the pelvic area.

This results in the patient being seated safely with evenly distributed weight reducing pressure.

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