Light shows us where we are, enhancing our security. Seeing and recognising our surroundings enables us to act independently. Völker Sensify provides a comprehensive range of products that support this ability.

  • Switch lights on automatically when the occupant leaves the bed.
  • Radio controlled light switches wherever they are needed.
  • Switch any light on and off – wirelessly.

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Advantages for you

  • Extremely easy to install. Self-adhesive or screw-on.
  • No installation work required. No cables, no batteries. Uses radio-based piezoelectric technology.
  • You decide where you want to switch the light: right on the headboard, beside the armchair, on a wheelchair...
  • Up to 8 radio switches can be combined with each power strip.
  • Use multiple power strips to control more than one lamp.

How it works

The system is made up of just a few, intuitive elements.

  • The Sensify radio power strip is the central hub. Plug it into any socket.
  • Besides the two standard sockets, it features a green radio socket that can be controlled by up to 8 radio switches.
  • That lets you switch any light source connected to the green socket freely and wirelessly.

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