In critical situations, it is essential that help comes quickly, no matter when and where the emergency occurs. Make sure that no emergency goes unnoticed with the Völker Sensify emergency call button.

  • Signals every call system – even radio-based systems.
  • Up to 8 units can be positioned freely without tools.
  • Large, red and robust.

Please click on the video button to activate the video. We would like to inform you that after the activation data will be transmitted to the respective provider.

Advantages for you

  • You can safeguard a whole room in just 10 minutes – including bathrooms.
  • No installation work required. No cables, no batteries. Uses radio-based piezoelectric technology.
  • The Sensify receiver lets you combine the system with any in-house call system – even radio-based systems.
  • Up to 8 emergency call buttons can be combined for each receiver.
  • Unlike conventional alarm switches (e.g. hand-held ‘pear’ call button), the emergency call buttons can even be activated reliably by foot.
  • The splash-proof construction means it can also be used outdoors.

How it works

The system is made up of just a few, intuitive elements.

  • The large red emergency call buttons send a signal to the Sensify receiver when activated.
  • The receiver is connected to the in-house call system and forwards the alarm immediately.

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